Madden Street


The small enclosed courtyard consisting of 30m2 provides the only external view from several parts of the house, and the clients wanted a green, inviting space as an extension of the living room / kitchen.

A sunken lawn area with hidden lights at the base of the concrete ledge provides a green and white floor plane, while above, a white trellis is hung with a ceiling of ornamental grape (Vitus vinifera).

Matt black walls are transitioning to green as creeping figs (Ficus pumila) grow and are trained around the white, hand-painted shapes. Glass beads are embedded into all white surfaces – walls, trellis, concrete and the fiberglass fountain sculpture , to animate the space with reflected light at night.

The passageway between the kitchen and garage is viewed from the sitting room with the back wall lined with black retro-reflective vinyl. A large stag fern (Platycerium superbum) was hung to press against the windows.