WestWyck is a sustainable housing development in West Brunswick, Melbourne, with Stage 1 consisting of seven apartments in the old schoolhouse\' envelope and six new, freestanding townhouses.

The landscape design was used to tie the two building styles together, showcase sustainable landscape options in an urban setting and create a unique atmosphere for the development as a whole.

Vertical slabs of quartzite stone, columns of Harcourt granite and panels of steel create a mosaic of fencing as backdrops for the indigenous and native plantings.

Mike Hill and Lorna Pitt introduced the sustainable infrastructure while Mel was responsible for its placement and overall design. Some of these features are a community bike shed, septic and grey water treatment plants, storm water management, rainwater tanks, vegetable garden and general recycling.

Raised vegetable gardens are constructed of granite sleepers and screened from the pathway by espaliered fruit trees.

Landscape Architect, Leanne O’Shea, assisted with the documentation.