Working with Multiplicity Architects to form a cohesive vision for this residential project, the outdoor living space is divided into three sections that interact directly with the building; a picking garden for ikebana flower arranging, large deck and an ornamental grass garden - all viewed from the interior of the house.

A retro-reflective vinyl and textured fibreglass panel fence wrap the garden, defining the whole as a single, distinctive space. The retro-reflective is activated at night by ambient light and provides a dramatic backdrop for the foliage and stone.

Large custom-cut, Harcourt granite blocks form a patterned ground and vertical fountain, while between and around the stones are a selection of perennial grasses and three bottle trees (Brachychiton rupestris).

The same granite stone was crushed into a fine gravel for the upper garden area, creating a light ground that surrounds the steel edged garden beds.

Beneath the deck, which divides the two garden areas, is a large concrete rainwater storage tank for the garden’s irrigation system and the house toilets. A trellis over the deck continues the steel armature of the rear house walls into the garden and provides a structure for wisteria (Wisteria floribunda) for summer shade.

Vegetable production for household use has also been incorporated into the garden beds.