East Trentham


The clients were passionate about garden design and interested in a colourful, dramatic outcome that would generate a series of spaces without breaking the visual flow of their 5 acre property.

Simon Rickard introduced Mel to the project for the overall design vision, while Simon’s expert plant and soils knowledge informed the choice of plants for the numerous perennial garden beds and ensured their successful growth.

Tying the site together are hedges of privet (Ligustrum undulatum) that describe the boundary perimeter and wind through the garden to create a backdrop and frame the various garden areas.

Screened off behind serpentine, hedged pathways are two connecting areas containing steel rimmed, granite gravel beds and lines of traversing boulders.

The turning circle is composed of short hedge lines intersected by boulders with herbaceous and tree peony (Paeonia).

Perennial beds extend along a pre-existing laneway of crabapples (Malus floribunda and gorgeous) and scattered boulders, which lead away from the main perennial beds that sports a contrasting hedge of copper beech (Fagus sylvatica Riversii).

Another privet hedge encloses the large lawn area in front of the house, behind which are planted trees to create blocks of red or yellow autumn foliage.

A large copse of the orange barked birch (Betula albo sinensis subsp. Septentrionalis) has a ground plane of grass and six elliptical forms planted with russet coloured Carex grass (Carex comans x buchananii).

The drive is lined with hornbeams (Carpinus betulus Fastigiatus) on one side, and the other with Ginko trees (Ginko biloba) snaked around by a hedge of privet.